Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Welcome to what I like to think of as My Blog 2.0. The old one, GeorgeKirk's Minutiae, will stay up for a while, but I may be moving a post or two from there to here.

So, why "Futureprobe"? Well, Futureprobe was one of the names floated for EPCOT Center's Horizons attraction when it was in its conceptual phase. Since I'm a big Horizions-phile, and since 1970s and 80s retro-futurism is something near and dear to my heart, the title was a natural fit. Also, I wanted my blog to have an actual theme and an easy-to-remember title. Let's face it, "GeorgeKirk's Minutiae" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Still, like the old blog, this new one is just a padded cell in which I mutter to myself. This one just has more hexagons.

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