Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mid-January Bullets

  • Disney's online attraction rehab schedule shows Future World's Universe of Energy going down for a rehab from January 5-March 22. According to Screamscape, the downtime will allow a new ride-control and tracking system to be installed, and they speculate that the groundwork is being laid for a more extensive update of the show itself sometime in the future. You know, if Disney made a new film for the pavilion and kept Ellen (she's still a popular celebrity, after all), they wouldn't need to touch the Animatronic portion of the show at all. It could be a fairly inexpensive upgrade for a pavilion that really needs it, and maybe we would finally get a show that doesn't focus on fossil fuels.
  • I noticed that the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure is a prominently featured "attraction" in the EPCOT section of the Disney World website. Didn't Kim Possible go off the air? Why would Disney expend so much energy promoting a defunct cartoon series? Oh, I understand the reason for it: Disney wants to give the kids something to do in World Showcase to keep them from complaining to their parents that they're bored every ten seconds. I'm against it. I say kids should have to suffer the same way I did on my first trip to EPCOT at age 7, when my parents marched right past all the breathtakingly cool Future World pavilions just so my mom could spend an interminable amount of time in Morocco's shops, just aimlessly looking around. It builds character.


  1. Yes, you're right. KP is long gone, nothing new on that front.

    I'm going to stay impartial until I try it out, simply because I'm a firm believer in "Benefit of the Doubt".

    Central's new post is interesting, talking about the classic Disney rides in comparison to the KP thing. Thought-provoking stuff.

  2. According to Josh above, it sounds like some more unfair comparisons have occured.

    Epcot Central is one of the WORST and most mean-spirited and nihilistic Disney blogs of all time! It doesn't deserve to exist!!!


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