Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feasible EPCOT Improvement #8

Return Future World Attractions to A Unified Logo/Font Scheme

Until the mid-1990s, the signs outside each Future World pavilion were rendered in a single font (available commercially as World Bold and in a freeware version called Prototype) and each pavilion had its own unique circular logo, which imbued the park with a sense of visual unity.

Although many of the informational signs in Future World still use the classic font, each attraction now has its own distinctive signage:

Although the distinctive signage for each pavilion does make EPCOT more like the rest of Disney World, it represents one more way that EPCOT has been robbed of its uniqueness over the years. However, I'm not advocating a total return to the font/logo scheme that existed in the 1980s, merely an updated version of it. The recently-rehabbed Spaceship Earth provides a good example of what I'm talking about:

Why not redo all Future World pavilion signage in Spaceship Earth's new font and give each attraction a logo that conforms to the parameters of the one seen at the top of the sign in the above photo? Informational signage could still be rendered in the classic font, which would prevent the expense of replacing every sign in Future World while retaining one of the very small number of things that haven't changed since 1982.

Now, if your first response upon reading the preceding paragraph is to worry that people will be confused if the sign for "The Seas With Nemo and Friends" doesn't look like the logo for the movie "Finding Nemo", then congratulations, you could be the next Michael Eisner! If you can't convince anyone to let you run their entertainment franchise into the ground, maybe you could make a movie about gum wrappers.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comments! In future installments, I'll tackle some attractions in dire need of a relevance infusion.


  1. I actually like the differing signs' fonts. These help add to the character of the pavilion, but the unifying logos would be a welcomed return for me. Although my first visit to Epcot was in the late 90's, I've since come to love the idea of the logos.

  2. Things like this: make me really long for the old days. Love the unified logos.


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