Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feasible EPCOT Improvement #5

Put Something In The Seas Pavilion About How Human Behavior Threatens The Oceans

Before the Seas got its big Nemo makeover, more than one classic Future World attraction had been torn down or ripped out in favor of a less-imaginative, dumbed-down replacement. So when the pavilion reopened in 2007 as The Seas With Nemo and Friends, those of us who miss Horizons and Journey Into Imagination were quick to jump on the anti-Nemo bandwagon. Most of the criticism that's been leveled at the new attraction is probably deserved, but you have to admit that the present incarnation of the place is more appealing to children than the previous one. This gives Disney a great opportunity to let kids know, via a popular animated character, about the damage that human behavior is doing to the oceans.

I'm not saying they should dramatically re-theme the place, or even alter the ride-thru portion. It would be nice, however, to have some exhibits in the seabase about what global warming, overfishing, and poor garbage-disposal habits are doing to the oceans. Kids need to know that Nemo's coral reef habitat will cease to exist if the human race continues its current pattern of behavior. Other exhibits could touch upon the Pacific Garbage Patch, and current efforts to clean it up. Practical ways that individuals and families can change their behavior to be more friendly to the oceans could also be highlighted.

I've only been to the Nemo-ized Seas once, and unfortunately I didn't get a chance for a detailed exploration of the seabase area. Maybe some of this stuff is already there. If it isn't, though, Disney is missing a golden opportunity to educate America's youngest consumers on the impact their actions have on Nemo's "big blue world".

That's all for today. Next, I'll discuss how Bill Nye the Science Guy is doing nothing to help with our energy problems.

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