Friday, May 13, 2011

Another New Look-And More To Come

Welcome to yet another visual overhaul here at futureprobe! Much like some of my online friends who love EPCOT Center even though they're too young to have experienced its 1980s heyday, I've always had a fondness for the old "analog" vision of the future that was epitomized by shows like the original Star Trek, movies like 2001, and of course Disneyland's grand "re-imagined" Tomorrowland that opened in 1967.

That Tomorrowland was home to one of the most imaginative dark rides ever: Adventures In Inner-Space. It was a trippy, wholly unique experience that might not wow modern audiences, but still left an impression on those who saw it. And just like the people today who wish they'd gotten the chance to ride Horizons, I often wish I'd have been there to take a ride through the Mighty Microscope:

It's not just my fondness for old-school Tomorrowland that prompted the new TWA Moonliner-inspired look, though. This is the first step of an exciting new project I've recently become part of, a project that will bring futureprobe into a new medium.

I hope you'll stick around.



  1. Two thumbs way the shucks up!

  2. That's the thing though. Sure, the old ATIS might not wow audiences but I could totally imagine this attraction being brought back with today's technology.
    I really think that Disney isn't grasping that people don't have to be "thrilled" but simply whisked away by amazing detail, theme, and vastness. POTC and HM are true examples of this. To this day, those attractions draw long lines. Let's hope that Little Mermaid (DCA) will represent this type of thinking. Again, I could see ATIS 'wow'ing' audiences today if done right.


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