Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the personal computer or the graphical user interface. He didn’t invent MP3 players, tablet computers, or smartphones. But those devices have made such a huge impact on our lives largely because of his efforts. While other companies rolled out watered-down products designed by committees and focus groups (Microsoft’s Windows-powered Smart Displays, for example), Apple under Steve Jobs’ leadership consistently cranked out amazing stuff we never knew we wanted until we saw it.

So thank you, Steve Jobs. Thank you for the 21st century.


  1. I echo the sentiments. I wrote my own tribute on my blog - take a look if you have time. Steve Jobs: The Walt Disney of Technology

  2. Thanks to Steve Jobs and his sycophants, tens of thousands of Chinese citizens are mistreated--at best--daily as they labor to make the toys his fans "just gotta have."
    And tell me, what did he do with his billions to at least pretend to give a darn about charity? At least Bill Gates tosses a few of his billions back to the rest of us.


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