Monday, August 13, 2012

In Which I Am On A Podcast

Last week I got to do something completely new to me when the WEDWay Radio guys invited me on their weekly companion show, WEDWay NOW. Although I was excited about my first-ever appearance on a podcast, I was also pretty nervous, because I am a lifelong stutterer and podcasts are an audio-only medium. Also, the WEDWay shows always sound very polished and professional, and when they have a guest it’s always a knowledgeable, accomplished member of the Disney fan community, as opposed to some random dude with a blog.

So I was happy to be on the show, but inwardly I was pretty sure it would go over about as well as that time Joe Piscopo was on Star Trek.

piscopo_data_failYes, this is actually happened

So how did it go? Well, Matt and Nate are very gracious hosts, every bit as friendly and personable off the air as they are on the air, and when the recording was finished I was cautiously optimistic that I’d done an okay job. Here’s the link to the show. The parts where people other than me are talking are really excellent. And if you ever wondered 1. what kind of weirdo could write a blog like this, and 2. why I write instead of podcast, well, there’s your answer.

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  1. I heard you on the podcast! That's what helped me find your blog. Way to Go!


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